Preventing Disease Within Your Community

While many diseases that affect families and entire communities may not be predictable and therefore preventable there are many other diseases that can be prevented and lives that can be saved if everyone is more aware of the surroundings. The sad fact is that many of these diseases take hundreds and thousands of lives every day due to human negligence. It is vital that every one of us takes responsibility for these incidents and take measures to prevent them.

Examples of preventable disease

Some examples of preventable disease include mosquito borne diseases. Mosquito borne diseases take the lives of thousands every year and are completely preventable. All it takes to reduce the number of deaths and incidences of disease is proper sanitation within the home environment and within the community in general. The only way to reduce and eliminate many mosquito borne diseases is to prevent the mosquitoes from breeding. It is a fact that mosquitoes breed in still clear and clean water.

Proper Mosquito control is not an impossible task and is every person’s responsibility to see that their own homes and communities are free from clear water plastic containers that have the ability to collect clear water. If every person within a community takes this responsibility upon themselves, these diseases can be eliminated completely.

Similarly, there are many other preventable diseases however due to the negligence of individuals and communities these diseases continue to take hundreds of lives every day. It is important for you to take the initiative of educating the people around you and the children in the schools around you about the dangers associated with preventable diseases and the different things that they can do in their daily lives to make sure that these diseases do not spread further and in the process take lives. If the children in schools are educated about these diseases and if each educated child takes initiative to keep their own homes clean, you will have entire communities and neighborhoods’ cleaned and mosquito free. You might even want to consider initiating an awareness campaign in religious places in your area and other places where large communities gather. When doing so, make certain that you are equipped with numbers and statistics about the disease as well as how many lives are taken each year. This will be likely to have a strong and lasting impact on the communities that you are educating and motivate them in to taking action in order to save the lives of their own beloved families and precious friends.